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OSX Software for SEO, Automation & Development

After you update your OS, the surest way to know that everything will work right is to make sure you have all the software that is likely to be used installed.

This is a long list, and most of it is command-line software but you’ll like it because it’s mostly “package management,” “task automation,” and “version control,” and “virtualization” software.

Package/Dependency Management: Installs stuff for you (like homebrew)

Task/Automation: Builds and tests stuff for you

Version Control: Let’s you change/update/revert software easily

Virtualization: Let’s you install software on a “virtual machine” so you can run Windows/Linux software on your Mac (also lets you install software on a ‘virtual’ computer which greatly reduces the risk of any software/malware/problems hurting your computer.

Follow the step by step instruction in this awesome tutorial:

Install (or Update)

  1. Install ‘Git’
  2. Install ‘Homebrew
  3. Install ‘RVM
  4. Install ‘XCode’
  5. Install ‘XCode Command Line Tools’
  6. Install ‘XQuartz

Additionally Install (in this order):

  1. Install ‘Node.js‘  (includes NPM)
  2. Install ‘Yeoman‘(includes yo, bower, grunt)
  3. Install ‘Compass‘ (includes Sass)
  4. Install ‘Virtual Box
  5. Install ‘Vagrant

Recommended (all available from Get Mac Apps) :

  1. Install ‘Sublime Text 3
  2. Install ‘Gimp‘ (open-source bitmap graphics editor, a PhotoShop alternative)
  3. Install ‘Inkscape‘ (open-source vector graphics editor, an Illustrator alternative)
  4. Install ‘The Unarchiver‘ (make and open archive files easily)
  5. Install ‘Alfred‘ (fantastic productivity shortcut application)

Last time I updated my OS, it ‘broke’ everything so don’t rely on anything you already installed to work after you update.

Almost all of those have clear, simple directions (either a copy and paste command line prompt for Terminal or a ‘click here to download’ button).

If you have any problems feel free to send me questions.

Follow all the directions and you should be fine.

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