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Semantic Web SEO

Semantic Web SEO Services Optimizing for technical, professional, academic and scientific audiences

b2b, professional, academic, technical and specialized website, content, and optimization services.

As you may have noticed, we have experience with taking complicated technical information and boiling it down into a digestible format. We take pride in being both as accurate and as concise as possible.

Specialized terms can be given non-visible markup (Semantic Web encoding) that ensures it will be properly indexed and highly visible to relevant queries. Whether you deal with part numbers,  Latin species names or chemical compounds we can help you by incorporating Semantic Web encoding (sometimes called structured data) into your website.

If you need to show up for precise, confusing, or technical terms, Semantic Web encoding can’t be beat!


While the emphasis thus far has been on precision and exact matches, it is worth elaborating on the ‘confusing’ point listed above.

The entire purpose of Semantic Web technology is to help computers understand concepts rather than just simply seeing documents as strings of words. There are encodings for non-technical concepts too: relationships; synonyms; slang; time; ratings; nicknames; and more.

This technology is still quite young so implementing it requires great attention to detail but when done correctly it is very effective and will dramatically increase the chances of being found for those specific queries.

Google refers Semantic Web enhanced search results as ‘Knowledge Graph.’ And the encoding is generally referred to by Google as ‘Rich Snippets.’ The W3C has recently advocated for rdfa and there are other vocabularies (ontologies) for very precisely describing things in a way which is completely understandable to search engines and other computers.

To learn more about these specialized services please contact us so we can discuss the details.