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Local SEO

Local SEO Columbus, Ohio

We’ll raise your visibility in local searches.

Many, maybe a majority, of searches with ‘buying intent’ (generally for products or services) include location specific terms like the name of a city or state. Even for requests that can be fulfilled online people often search for a local vendor.

Higher visibility in local searches can be one of the most effective, and cost-effective, forms of marketing. Instead of competing with the Amazons of the world for global traffic you (who you may not even be able to serve) can try for a bigger slice of a smaller, local pie.

Creating, claiming, and optimizing local profiles and listings is something we recommend almost universally. Much of this is very straight-forward and for the curious and do-it-yourselfers we’ll spill the beans on some of the services we use that have the most impact on local search.

Google Maps Listings and Optimization:

Google Places (in transition to Google+ Local)is the name of Google’s local business listings. We’ll make sure your listing is properly set-up to be as visible as possible for the most relevant and profitable related local searches.

Google+ Local:

In 2012 Google introduced Google+ Local and introduced a social aspect to local business listings for now, this co-exists with Google Places but there is strong speculation that eventually they will be merged. Recent experience shows Google is giving significant preference to G+ Local in search results.

Yahoo! Local Business Directory and Bing Maps Markers:

Bing and Yahoo! have joined forces in certain ventures and one with significant overlap is the business listings that show up in Yahoo! Local and on Bing Maps.

There are several other services that we use and that combined may generate a decent amount of traffic and these include Yellowpages and, Manta, City Search, and Yelp!

Collectively, these services are targeted, fairly high traffic, and easy to set up. They are a great starting place and we recommend them for nearly all our clients. They offer and quick results for a modest expenditure of money, time and effort.

Local specials, coupons, discounts and offers

Most of these services also allow the uploading or creation of specials, coupons, offers and discount codes and we are happy to help with that as well.