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Google Doodle for Kandinsky, Why Not?

On the surface, it seems the Independent is questioning today’s Google Doodle celebrating Wassily Kandinsky.
news headline questioning why a google doodle celebrated wassily kandinsky

Kandinsky is Awesome!

Working in search, I’m adept at ignoring clickbait; I couldn’t ignore this.

He is one of my favorite artists. There is no reason to question his being honored with a Google Doodle, he is one of the most talented and notable artists I know of.

The Independent’s Clickbait Title

Upon reading the article, it seems they are not questioning his Google Doodle. The article itself (which I am not linking to due to not wanting to support such tactics) never even mentions anything which seems to indicate it should be questioned and is a tepid and impotent summary. The article is so weak, I wonder if it is programmatically generated.

What’s So Great About Kandinsky?

I’m glad you asked. Allow me to share some of my favorites: (the first painting is the work featured in the Google Doodle)

Wassily Kandinsky painting Composition VIII which is geometric and colorful
Wasilly Kandinsky painting featuring a black background with liighter colored circles scattered about the canvas

Wassily Kandinsky Painting

Yeah, that’s what so great about Wassily Kandinsky.

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