GTM & AdWords Calls From Site Conversion Tutorial

Tonight I came across a really nice tutorial covering setting up Google AdWords call conversion tracking on a website using Google Tag Manager by Red Fly Marketing.

If you end up coming across this first, go read it. You may notice I left a comment about CDATA comments. I found that blog post so useful that I am writing this and sharing it before they have replied or I have had a chance to test the code. I have every reason to think it will work but again, I have not tested it. If you’re using Google AdWords call conversion tracking on your website and using Google Tag Manager (or considering implementing it) I think you’ll find it useful.

Google Doodle for Kandinsky, Why Not?

On the surface, it seems the Independent is questioning today’s Google Doodle celebrating Wassily Kandinsky. Google Search Results Page with result from The Independent questioning Wassily Kandinsky's Doodle

Kandinsky is Awesome!

Working in search, I’m adept at ignoring clickbait; I couldn’t ignore this. He is one of my favorite artists. There is no reason to question his being honored with a Google Doodle, he is one of the most talented and notable artists I know of.

The Independent’s Clickbait Title

Upon reading the article, it seems they are not questioning his Google Doodle. The article itself (which I am not linking to due to not wanting to support such tactics) never even mentions anything which seems to indicate it should be questioned and is a tepid and impotent summary. The article is so weak, I wonder if it is programmatically generated.

What’s So Great About Kandinsky?

I’m glad you asked. Allow me to share some of my favorites: (the first painting is the work featured in the Google Doodle) Wasilly Kandinsky's Composition VIII Wasilly Kandinsky painting featuring a black background with liighter colored circles scattered about the canvas Wassily Kandinsky Painting Wassily Kandinsky Painting Yeah, that’s what so great about Wassily Kandinsky.

My Favorite File Renaming Tool

If you have ever worked with images, especially in bulk as is often needed for SEO, you know that cameras name images with meaningless hashes.

Granted they are generally sequential, so that makes sense within the context of the camera but file names like IMG_63826151.JPEG are meaningless to anyone else in any other context.

I mean, imagine your parents are standing next to you as you search for a certain photograph that you know is on your computer. That’s no time to discover that meaningless hashes force you to review the file to gauge its contents.

No Siree, I’d rather have that photo named naughty-picture-of-my-girlfriend.jpg then I can be sure not to preview that one when Mom’s in the room.

Options of the Name Changer App by MRR Software

Photo Naming Conventions

I like image file names to be all lower case, with words separated by dashes, descriptively named and with a 3 letter extension (i.e. .jpg not .JPEG).

The Name Changer App by MRR Software makes changes like that easy and quick across any number of files.

Need your photos appended with a number?

No problem, it handles RegEx and more with ease and yet still has a pleasant intuitive GUI.

I suppose there might be better utilities for this out there but this one is good enough that I quit looking when I found it.

Plus it’s free (one of these days I’ll donate).