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JetPack options in WordPress admin for shortlinks

I use WordPress for my website (this website); I’m aware of it’s shortcomings but all in all quite happy with it.

On most sites I work on I install JetPack, but I only really use a few features.

I recently decided to try disabling the “ shortlink” and I’m quite happy with the results.

Here’s the details:


Using shortlinks causes Publicize, which auto-posts to my social media channels, to post links that are non-branded gibberish in the URLs, as shown below.

tweet of auto posted shortlink

By disabling that feature, my links get posted with my actual domain.

auto posted tweet with link showing default permalink


As a web professional, I know more about security exploits than the average bear. Auto-posting a link to Twitter means that the link that shows up is a redirect to a redirect to my site.

A URL shortened redirect to a URL shortened redirect…Sounds legit, right?

Analytics Traffic Attribution

Let me note, I haven’t looked into this but if I see in my traffic reports than I know that people clicked a link on Twitter.

If redirects to how is that traffic attributed?

My guess is that any traffic I get from auto posting to social media would be attributed to and that isn’t useful.

Sure, there’s an argument to be made that links would be auto-posted and traffic would be that which was shared personally. That argument will be valid when and if I ever have time to share links to my own site without auto-posting them.

Non “Pretty Permalinks”

The main drawback to this approach is that the links auto post as links to the default WordPress which is a post ID in a query string.

All sites I work on use “pretty permalinks” as they are much more human and SEO friendly, and while I wish they’d post that way, the simple fact is that auto-posting non-pretty permalinks saves me a lot characters so I’m OK with it.

What do you think?

Do you prefer the shortlinks or the default WordPress query string permalinks?

2 thoughts on “ Shortlinks via JetPack: Why I disabled them

  • How did you get Jetpack to use the non-pretty links? Once I deactivated shortlinks, it now publishes the long, pretty URL.

    • Hi Sam,
      I have no idea why it’s not using the pretty permalinks. I use a custom theme that I have developed with code from all over the place, not to mention about a dozen plugins. As soon as I turned off the shortlinks, it started posting the links in the format shown.

      Here’s a link to the Github repo with my custom theme perhaps you can find the code that enables it in there.

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