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Google Webmaster Tools Now Reporting Single Clicks

I logged into Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) today and noticed something new: More granular reporting of traffic, all the way down to single clicks.

screenshot of google webmaster tools interface showing table of clicks to pages, some with 1 and 2 clicks

For anyone familiar with GWT, that’s quite a change because, at least for the last 3 years, it hasn’t reported anything less than 5 clicks/impressions.

Not that I felt it wouldn’t register anything unless you had at least 5 click/impressions, my gut feeling was that when it said 5 clicks it meant more than 0 but less than 6.

Why Did GWT Change It’s Reporting of Clicks/Impressions

It seems so long ago now that Google announced it would start obfuscating the vast majority of it’s keyword referral data——the (not provided) keyword mass extinction.

But when they did they made some references to improving the keyword data in Webmaster Tools, thus (ostensibly) protecting their users privacy but still allowing marketers to optimize content to their users.

Fairly quickly after Google started encrypting keyword referral data they expanded the window that GWT could look back from 30 to 90 days.

A couple months ago I noticed something else (see Figure 3 below: it’s possible this existied previously but I had never noticed it)

Top Searches and in the Top Pages

search queries segmented by page in google search console
Figure 1.) A triangle icon indicating more data

Detail of which queries triggered a specific page in SERPs from GWT
Figure 2.) Expanded, the details of the searched terms are revealed

Position in SERPs of Page for Search Queries Step 3 of 3
Figure 3.) Clicked, it reveals the positions where your page was shown in SERPs

I had never seen the detail of positioning until about 2 months ago.

1 Click, 2 Clicks, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Today I logged in to check on some of my sites and for the first time ever saw clicks greater than 0 but less than 5 so I thought I’d share it.

Now if only they’d incorporate conversion tracking.

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