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Google+ Local Listings

Google+ Local

Google+ Local was introduced in 2012. Search results on Google following queries that include terms related to local businesses (usually a city and state) are now showing a clear preference to displaying Google+ Local pages/profiles. Right now it augments Google Places for Business but it is widely assumed it will eventually merge with, and overtake, Google Places altogether.

We setup, verify, and optimize Google+ Local pages for business.

In order to make the most of this service it is important that you make the most of it by providing us with basic business information including a logo, pictures of your office, products, trucks, etc. Basically, anything you customers will identify with you.

Google Places

(local business listings on Google Maps)

Google Places for Business offers free local business listings set up in Google Maps. By setting up or claiming your listing you get a highlighted pin on the map shown for local searches related to your business. We will also verify and expand the information listed to make sure your contact information, hours, location, categories, links and more are correct and set up for maximum benefit.

Additionally you can upload a few YouTube videos which are a nice touch. If you don’t have YouTube videos (YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine in the world) we can help you create them and upload them for even more impact. With or without the videos, this is one of the highest traffic, highest quality services we know of. Accordingly, we strongly recommend claiming, optimizing and regularly checking on your business listing on Google Places and Maps.

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