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Auto #Hoffsome Photobombs Ain’t Awesome

I pity the fool at Google who picked David Hasselhoff over Mr. T.

I’m a big fan of Google, they usually put a lot of work and thought into everything they do. Their Betas are better than most company’s finished products.

But given enough time, any company makes a mistake.

Today, I’m sad to report an egregious—and potentially fatal—error in judgement by the people in charge of Google+, and more specifically the Google+ Auto-Awesome Photo Tools. You can preview the post announcing this foolishness on the Official Google blog.

Mr T saying Its April, Fool

I Pity The Fool

Who in their right mind thought that David Hasselhoff would be better as the first celebrity for honorary photobomb status than Mr. T?

If you ask me this is an unforgivable oversight.

This is a travesty!

It’s the beginning of the end; it’s all downhill from here.

Google Even Featured #Hoffsome on Their Homepage

Even a company as mighty as Google, that should have quality control practices in place, still chose to feature “Auto-Awesome Photobombing” by David Hasselhoff on its homepage. No mention of Mr. T at all.

How does such a mistake happen?

The Beginning of the End

Surely a gaffe this significant is fatal even to a company as mighty as the big G…as it should be, if you as me. Such a lapse of judgement is a #Hoffsome mistake. I don’t know about you, but I’d much prefer to have my pics photobombed by the greatness of Mr. T.

Sign the Petition

If you agree, sign the petition below (AKA comment) to voice your support for Mr. T.

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