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Google AdWords

Google AdWords PPC Campaign Management Columbus, Ohio

We offer professional setup and management of Google AdWords ppc advertising campaigns.

AdWords is the brand name for Google’s advertising and marketing service. It allows you to advertise on search engine results pages, websites (including YouTube), in mobile apps, in email interfaces and more. It allows us to precisely control what searches and sites show your advertising, ad content, budget, CPC bids, targeted areas and hours and more.

The AdWords system is powerful, effective, and fast; we can often have you showing on page one of Google search within 48 hours. We are a registered professional agency and are in the process of testing to become a certified Google AdWords Partner.

Google AdSense for Publishers

AdSense is AdWords for publishers; if you publish content online (websites, apps, YouTube videos, etc.) we can set up an AdSense account that will earn you money by showing AdWords ads on your web properties. Much as AdWords offers advertisers great control, AdSense offers publishers great control over the size, placement and content of ads shown.

Additionally, we can help you with setting up Google Apps (we use it and love it!)

Adopting Google Apps for our business has had perhaps the greatest impact on our everyday lives of any service they provide. Google Apps allows us to use Google Email—yes, Gmail—for our email service provider.

The interface is customized and our email comes from our domain ( _____ This gives us access to a dazzling array of apps, extensions, integrations and customizations.

More importantly it allows us to use an interface we already know so there is no learning curve and minimal frustration!

It also provides us access to the power of Google Docs, Drive and Translate (built into our email). Since it is hosted ‘in the cloud’ and sent and received by Google’s servers it is fast, reliable, and can be checked from anywhere including using the mobile interface. Because it is designed for business, administrators have additional control over all user accounts and can add, delete or limit permissions and users as needed.

We could literally go on and on.

Ask us about it!


We set-up and optimize Google+ pages for your business. We can create or customize and upload custom graphics and pictures in addition to making sure all the information needed for maximum impact is correctly set up. We can also setup a personal profile (needed to setup a business page) but because by definition personal profiles are personal it is not something we focus on.

Once you have both we can set up ‘author‘ links and ‘publisher‘ links which have additional seo benfits in terms of visibility and credibility.

Google PageSpeed Service

This is a new (currently in Beta testing mode) service which includes a cdn and other best practices implemented by Google to speed up your website. We can submit you for acceptance but until it is out of the beta phase we can’t do anything else unless they accept you, in which case we will set it up appropriately for you.

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