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About: Adam Infinitum

Adam Infinitum was founded in Brownsville, Texas in 2011

I had more than a little help from the famous architecture and fine art photographer Greg Phelps. Working out of his studio we formed ‘Business for Photographers.’ That venture didn’t last but it was in that process that I started to see a vast need for transparent, quality, reliable Internet services.

In case you’re wondering where the name adam infinitum came from:

Just a little bit of word play: my name, advertising, a dead language…nothing more, nothing less.

short for advetisement

ad infinitum



to infinity; endlessly; without limit.

That’s Me!…er, we.

Putting users first

For the first time in history we can readily and instantenously communicate with the entire world and users can customize the ways they recieve that information.

We can browse online documents on a mobile device, have almost any thing translated at no cost, and accomodate the disabled (like blind users who utilize screenreaders). Information and entertainment of all sorts is just a click away. Here at Adam Infinitum we have decided to facilitate this by providing services that are conscientious and genuine.

Facilitating genuine communication

We specialize in helping smaller businesses level the playing field in the world of e-commerce and Internet marketing. Often we give our clients an edge over their lethargic competitors.

Our services require work and thought, on our part and that of our clients. Over time we get to know your business and your customers but our business is web stuff (and we know it well!) so we rely on our clients to help us understand what they want to world to know.

Transparent marketing

Misleading communications are bad for user experience, to say the least.

The web is a powerful communication tool but communication requires effort from all involved. If you understand and embrace this fact we look forward to hearing from you!

We use Mac computers.

We support open everything.

Open source software, open government, open businesses.

We link to things we like.

We hate spam.