Auto #Hoffsome Photobombs Ain’t Awesome

I pity the fool at Google who picked David Hasselhoff over Mr. T. I’m a big fan of Google, they usually put a lot of work and thought into everything they do. Their Betas are better than most company’s finished products. But given enough time, any company makes a mistake. Today, I’m sad to report […]

Data-driven digital marketing on a shoestring budget

A DIY guide to making the most of Google services through data sharing This post expands on a short presentation entitled ‘Making the most of Google Services through data sharing’ I will be giving at the Web Analytics Wednesday Meetup in Columbus, Ohio on February 19, 2014. The primary reasons I use Google services are […]

SEO Qualifications and Responsibilities

This post is in response to a specific posting about a specific job; sorry if you’re reading this and it seems cryptic. Senior Analyst & SEO It’s difficult to write a resumé when your skills and experience, not to mention the requirements of most jobs in the field are so varied. When I came across […]

Encrypted Search and Google Hummingbird: My Ideas

The collective SEO and analytics communities have a lot to talk about right now; Google released Hummingbird, its’ biggest algorithm change in over a decade, and made it clear that it is rapidly moving towards 100% encrypted search (which means no keyword referral data for those of us who work with analytics). I started this […]

Google Analytics Custom Reports, Advanced Segments via Avinash Kaushik

I’m a huge fan of Avinash Kaushik’s digital marketing blog. He mostly writes about analytics and he explains very clearly how it is relevant to real world business. One of the things I find most useful is that he often shares assets such as custom reports and advanced segments. As a matter of fact, I […]

Mobile and Analytics at WAW

Here’s the direct link to the July 2013 Web Analytics Wednesday. Sounds to be a great topic and it is always fun…and who doesn’t like free food, beer, and smart people?

Looking Into Time On-Site via Analytics

While this post is about an analytics method that occurred to me intuitively (nearly a year ago) the writing and posting is related to Avinash Kaushik’s post about focusing on profitability. I have no formal training in analytics. I got started because I had built a site and I was figuring out how to market […]